Blue Tory Gets A Red Face From Rosie

It seems that Tory Parliamentary Candidate Jack Gilmore

seen canvassing yesterday, is likely to be red-faced with embarrassment after being mauled by Rosie Cooper after he sent his “Desperate, last minute, election stunt” letter.

In her reply

Rosie emphasizes “…unequivocally as I have repeated…I will respect the result of the referendum”…and goes on to describe how she DID vote for May’s Deal, she DID vote for Boris Johnson’s deal second reading, and she received a thank you letter from Boris Johnson for it.

She states “As usual I will continue to put my constituents first. May I suggest you contact the Leader of your party before embarrassing yourself again!”.

Ouch! which leader might she be referring too? Wally or Boris? Wally is conspicuous by his absence from recent Tory canvassing events, perhaps he’s given up already?

4 thoughts on “Blue Tory Gets A Red Face From Rosie

  1. Adrian Owens

    Difficult to read the letter from Rosie unfortunately. Wording is important because it needs to be clear whether she will facilitate Brexit if the current opinion polls are borne out, or whether she will seek to frustrate it. Does her letter really tell us?

      1. Adrian Owens

        Thanks. Leaves her plenty of wiggle room. I’d be sending a follow up with more specific questions.

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