Sunday Satire. “Voters Love A Lib Dem, Until They Meet One”

Rod Liddle In The Times

“The Liberal Democrat vote is evaporating more quickly than a small puddle of water in the Kalahari desert, according to the polls. Some of this may be down to Jo Swinson.

“Another poll suggests that the more people see of the party’s leader, the more they dislike her. After prolonged exposure they develop symptoms similar to radiation sickness, nausea, hair loss, bleeding gums, death. OK, I made the last bit up, but there’s more trouble for Jo on the horizon.

“When her party merged with my lot, the Social Democrats, 30 years ago, they stole the “Democrat” name from us. We are now suing them to give it back, seeing as they are not democrats in any shape or form. They can keep the “liberal” bit”.

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