Mr Corbyn’s New Stance On Brexit Is Best Described As “Neutered”, Not “Neutral”

From Facts4EU, “Finally, in the BBC election debate on Friday evening, Jeremy Corbyn declared his position in the event of a Labour-held second referendum. He will be “neutral” he says. We would more accurately describe his position as “neutered”.

In the Sunday Telegraph today, the veteran and respected Labour MP Kate Hoey was interviewed.

“Well, the Labour Party has left me” she sighs. “Labour simply does not have a credible policy on leaving the EU. I know Jeremy is genuinely anti-EU, always has been. We’ve walked through the same lobby for decades, voting against Maastricht etc, but he’s not been strong enough. He had a Parliamentary party that was stuffed with Remainers. They knew they couldn’t get rid of him as leader so they’ve used the EU issue to get at him. Jeremy’s allowed himself to be completely stitched up, particularly by John McDonnell”.

“Wise old bird, that Hoey woman, and as straight as they come. Ms Hoey, Parliament will be the poorer without you and we will all miss you. The key points of Labour’s manifesto on Remain/Brexit
• Negotiate a new deal with the EU within 90 days of taking office
• This will require yet another extension from the EU of the Article 50 period – the FOURTH since 29 Mar 2019
• ‘No deal’ is completely rejected – even as a negotiating position
• New ‘deal’ will include a permanent Customs Union and Single Market provisions
• Free movement to continue
• Funding EU agencies to continue
• Maintaining level playing field on all EU legislation
• There will be a Transition Period of undefined length
• Second Referendum to be held within 120 days of taking office
• Options to be Remain or New Deal – no Leave option will be presented to voters”.

“Labour rejects Mr Johnson’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration’ because it does not keep the UK aligned strongly enough in the EU. Any renegotiation with the EU by a Labour government should in fact be easy, because Labour only want to deliver almost everything associated with full EU membership, but without having any vote on anything the EU decides. The EU will lap it up”.

2 thoughts on “Mr Corbyn’s New Stance On Brexit Is Best Described As “Neutered”, Not “Neutral”

  1. wlbcarepants

    I’m not sure who “respects” Kate Hoey. I’ve read about her being “nasty and devious”. Hoey was a regular critic of Corbyn, and never missed an opportunity to lay the boot in. Now she’s going, just like Mann, Woodcock, Austin and other hard right prats, she gets the knives out once again. Quelle surprise.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      I’m not sure who doesn’t respect Kate Hoey. I’ve never read about her being nasty and devious, as much as I think that about many MPs of all parties. And local councillors too! But we “pays our money and takes our choices” on these things. Being a moderate as I am I tend to be tolerant of odd outbursts of “intolerance” except when it’s a local Wally”


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