New Battle Begins To Halt Bid For 500 Homes

Grim news for Aughton from 

We recently wrote about a new “Parrs Lane Developer Attack” in Aughton, 500 homes on top class agricultural land. Now, the Advertiser has picked up the story with this pic

Sadly not the land in question but Bleasedale land opposite that could be in the mix for another 800 homes.

It’s Redrow and Wainhomes returning for a long term fight with the Aughton Residents Group (ARG2012). It’s Chairman Colin Atkinson

declared “The coverage is very welcome as it spreads the word that our Group is still here, ready and waiting to enter into another round of skirmishes with the Developers and/or WLBC as and when planning applications are received and we have sight of the NEW emerging Local Plan”.

All we need now is some commitment from the usually invisible Aughton Town Green/Aughton Park borough councillors, all five of them, that they will support the residents. Come to think of it, Tory Jack Gilmore will help to protect our greenbelt, he said? Has he got the balls for it? Time will tell!

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