Useful Election Guide?

We’ve been tipped off about a useful election tool

It works “Using publicly available data we have put together this handy tool. With it you can make your own decisions as to how to vote if you would like to see a Brexit supporting parliament.

“Please enter a postcode or click on the map and chose a constituency to see how your vote could deliver Brexit.

“By combining data from the results of the Referendum, the 2017 General Election, the 2019 European Election and the Brexit stance of the sitting MP and viable contenders from other parties you can decide where your vote could be placed to deliver the result you want”.

My result? The recommendation is to “Vote Conservative. VOTE CONSERVATIVE PARTY – Based on current polling data this seat is most likely a Labour hold, but the Tories are less than a 4% swing behind – this is within the margin of error and therefore we recommend voting Conservative.

That’s sure to please Wally Westley?

Try it here


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