EU Funding Of West Lancashire Constituency Projects?

Our erstwhile Liberal Democrat election candidate claims

“Membership of the EU has given West Lancashire residents opportunities to live, love, travel and work easily across member states, whilst the EU has funded many projects in the constituency…”

But is that true? Edge Hill University

was part of the “Communicative Approaches in University Vocational Teaching Methodology Focusing on Improving Educational Yield and Sustainability” [what a mouthful] project. The EU provided £661,225.00 for this project as a whole.

Ormskirk and District General Hospital

is part of the Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust. An NHS hospital ward typically contains 24 beds and needs 29 nurses to keep it running smoothly. 5% of the nurses in this trust are from the EU.

And that’s it. The Libdem Many is two!

At the end of the day, the money spent by the EU in West Lancashire has had to come from West Lancashire in the first place. We are giving more than we are getting back.

With West Lancashire now regarded as “the salad bowl” of Britain, growers are keen to make sure the flow of seasonal workers to pick produce does not get any worse under Brexit than it already is.

Our growers in West Lancashire need clear commitment from Government that they will have access to a competent and reliable workforce, both now and post-Brexit, in order to avoid severe disruption to the supply chain.

If Political Union made us more prosperous then surely we would find ourselves selling more and more goods and services to the Single Market and less and less to the rest of the world, but the opposite is happening! There is no such thing as free trade with the EU. We either pay a membership fee and no tariffs, or we pay tariffs and no membership fee.

Why would we want to pay membership fees that are going up and up, when we could pay tariffs that are going down and down?

The obvious answer is that we wouldn’t, unless of course we wanted to make ourselves poorer for the sake of some irrational ideological belief. Clearly paying tariffs will make us richer than paying EU membership fees; doubly so when we consider that the whole of society has to pay the membership fee whereas the only people who need to pay the tariffs are the 6% of British companies that export goods (not services) to the EU.

EU tariffs would amount to less than half the UK’s net contribution to the EU budget. That would mean an automatic saving of about £5 billion per annum. What do YOU think that £5 billion should be spent on? Soon you will have a vote on it!

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