Meet The Lib Dem Candidate For West Lancashire

Meet the Lib Dem Candidate for West Lancashire, Simon Thomson

Published and promoted by Simon Thomson (Liberal Democrats) at 50 St James Gardens, Leyland, PR26 7XB. Hosted by Twitter. He’s an “Information Governance Specialist. Liverpool FC fan. Music maniac. Book worm.  Lib Dem Candidate for West Lancs”

We don’t yet know any more, but we do know more about his party leader, as a journalist stated today about the Lib Dem leader “What is it about Jo Swinson? I really want to like the main female candidate in the general election but… dear, oh, dear! Patronising, low on charisma, high on self-confidence.

“Up her own bottom, but not far enough so we can still hear her” was one verdict. Sorry, shouldn’t laugh…New polling has found that the more voters see of Swinson, the more unpopular she becomes. That’s quite a problem when the party’s entire campaign is built around her.

In the days after she became leader, half of the public didn’t know who she was. Among those who did, 21 per cent were positive, while the other 29 per cent had an unfavourable view. She thinks Johnson and Corbyn won’t tell you the truth, the biggest threat to our NHS is Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and protect our NHS.

Hansard, the official parliamentary record said she did all of these. She voted to triple Student tuition fees. She voted for Privatisation in the NHS. She voted to cap Welfare for the unemployed. She voted to CUT payments for the terminally ill. She voted to cut the education budget. She voted for the Bedroom tax. She voted to remove Legal Aid. She voted for tax cuts for Millionaires. She voted to remove Workers protection. She voted to freeze your pay…at exactly the same time she accepted a 10% pay rise.

Reason enough NOT to vote for her? Maybe, maybe not. This might be though. 17.4 million people said they wanted to leave the EU in a Referendum. She thinks otherwise. She thinks you’re wrong and that your vote doesn’t matter [except that SHE wants it!]. She also said IF you vote for her and her party, they are going to rule Brexit out completely.

You’re not that daft, are you?

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