Brexit Facts To Enjoy

There is so much brilliant Brexit news these days it’s difficult to keep track of it all.

But these graphs prove it! This

is a graph of Britain’s GDP growth from 1957 to 2015 which shows that GDP growth constantly increased before we joined the EU and consistently declined afterwards. (ONS source here) In the 40 years since we joined the EU, GDP growth more than halved. Coincidence?

Above is a graph showing how Britain had relatively balanced trade (equal imports and exports) for 40 years from 1946 onwards. But then in 1986 Margret Thatcher signed the Single European Act and our Current Account Balance collapsed. As we became increasingly integrated within the EU it declined more and more. But hey, the above graph only goes up to 2014, So what has been happening since we voted to leave? The collapse in exports the wolf-criers assured us would happen? No…

Since the 2016 Brexit vote our balance of trade have rebounded spectacularly. Coincidence?

ONS source. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there is a correlation between democracy and prosperity. Countries in the Single Market cannot vote to pass better laws regarding capital, labour, goods and services which is why they decline. Countries in the Eurozone don’t even have control over interest rates or monetary policy so they decline even more, whereas countries that can vote for better policies prosper.

This is surely a statement of the obvious, all our experience tells us that no political system in history succeeds more and fails less than democratic self-rule.

And that’s why we want it!

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