Rosie Cooper Comments On Parrs Lane Developer Attack

West Lancashire’s Labour Election Candidate Rosie Cooper

Supports Aughton residents as she writes “Once again the Parrs Lane area is under determined attack from developers. I have always been clear, it is important to build houses especially to provide for young and first time buyers but developments should always be in appropriate settings.

“Housing decisions should be made based on where there is a need. Developers should not be allowed to cherry pick where they believe they can make the biggest profits. I have written to West Lancashire Borough Council and will continue to support the residents”.

Who in Aughton can forget the infamous “wall” of place names

created to recognize local politicians involved in the previous “Local Developers’ Plan” for Parrs Lane? Nobody, and it all has to start again!

2 thoughts on “Rosie Cooper Comments On Parrs Lane Developer Attack”

  1. If there’s 1 thing serial Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate Rosie is good for, it’s coming out with the occasional public-appeasing sound byte. That’s about it though.

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