I’m Jack!

I’m Jack, the candidate who forgot to mention elderly and disabled people in my (Wally’s) election glossy

Psst…a word of warning about being seen with prime ministers. Sam Currie, the last great Tory hope for West Lancashire, met Theresa May. He’s now more famous for his hedgehog haircut!

“I was born in 1995 [a snowflake?] and always lived here in West Lancashire, until going to Durham University in 2013. My parents have run a local business for nearly thirty years, and since September 2018 I have worked as a Parliamentary Researcher and stood for the local council here in Up Holland in 2019 [unelected]. 

“In 2016 I campaigned for Leave and I was lucky enough to work alongside the likes of Boris Johnson, Theresa Villiers, and even Sir Ian Botham. Consequently, it will come as no surprise I believe that the results of the referendum should be honoured. Brexit should be delivered and there shouldn’t be a second referendum.

“If elected as the MP for West Lancashire I will fight to protect our greenbelt by prioritising brownfield developments, support our Prime Minister in ensuring we get a fair share of the 20,000 new police officers and work alongside fellow MPs to ensure that our roads and railways are improved.

“Specifically, I will campaign to reopen the Burscough Curves, get a new rail link for Skelmersdale and improve the quality of our roads. I will also ensure that West Lancashire benefits from the Conservative Government’s extra funding to improve health services, safeguard Ormskirk Hospital and fight the stigma attached to mental health.

“At this election people will have to ask themselves, is Jeremy Corbyn the man to be Prime Minister? I truly believe that a Corbyn led Government would be an absolute disaster for West Lancashire and the Country as a whole. Whereas a Conservative majority Government will deliver Brexit by the end of January, reinvest in our hospitals and police and help build a better Britain”.

Now, about all these elderly and disabled West Lancastrian voters?

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