Vandals Have Carried Out “Horrendous’ Damage” To At Least Two Golf Courses

And before you ask, no, this isn’t about the West Lancashire Borough Council

officially supported Serco horrendous vandalism at the Beacon Park Golf Course.

At Prestwich Golf Club in Greater Manchester a criminal drove an off-road buggy across the course and was seen performing ‘doughnuts’ on the greens. The course was left badly damaged

with evidence of tyre marks and mounds of turf having been torn up. The golf club estimates it will cost tens of thousands of pounds to repair the damage.

And vandals took a spade to greens at Willingdon Golf Club in East Sussex

So far it has cost around £1,500 to repair the damage. It took about 25 hours to get the surfaces repaired enough to play on again. To get it back to the required high standard it will take most of the winter and into the spring. 

Of course, we all continue to look aghast at the Serco landfill vandalism at Beacon Park, “Which has been the scene of bitter rows for years after Serco was permitted to dump large amounts of landfill waste on parts of the site’ stated Wigan Today. ‘This led to a massive dispute between golfers, backed by West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper, and Serco along with West Lancashire Borough Council.

The developers, Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd and Serco Leisure Operating Ltd with the connivance of WLBC said the proposal would attract more young golfers to the site and offer new facilities for members, “which the club has wanted to do since 2011”.

The whereabouts of all the landfill royalties is still under investigation. Serco admitted in writing to receiving £183,864 that a WLBC Officer stated should go to West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust, disputed by Serco as “stipulated in the contract”. That’s the stench that has pervaded this entire landfill racket.  

Perhaps it should be a general election issue? Get the “as stipulated contract” published. Get the total account of the landfill royalties and proof VAT was legally accounted for the “goods and services” involved to HMRC, published. There’s no longer any “Commercial In Confidence” involved, as Rupert Soames the Chief Executive at Serco Group Plc personally wrote the letter containing the “£183,864” landfill grab amount. 

Otherwise, it’s a matter that should surely be individually and separately audited out-with the annual WLBC Full Audit, which does not contain any reference to it.

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