Jack Isn’t For All West Lancastrians?

In the demographic breakdown of West Lancashire it is stated “West Lancashire has a diverse population in terms of age with some communities having a markedly older population (Aughton, Parbold/Newburgh, Tarleton).

Well, here we are with the big leaflet launch of the West Lancashire Conservative Party. Jack Gilmore “A strong new local voice who will fight for the residents of West Lancashire”. But not, apparently, for the elderly and disabled residents of West Lancashire. Not one word about them. And not one word about the upcoming theft by the BBC of our “0ver 75s Free” TV Licence.

On census night 2011, West Lancashire had a population of 110,700. This was a 2% increase on the population at the 2001 census of 108,378. 18.9% of the West Lancashire population are aged 65 and over, higher than the national rate (16.4%). 800 residents (0.7%) were aged over 90, compared to 618 (0.6%) in 2001. The greatest percentage increase was in the age group 60-64 which increased by 27%. It’s thought the population is now circa 113,000. So Jack has ignored around 22,000 voters. 

The BBC said it will continue to scrap free TV licences for up to 3.7m people. A government spokesman said “We’re disappointed with the BBC’s decision not to continue free licences for the over-75s.” He added “We’ve been clear that we want and expect it to continue this concession”. 

Shame this isn’t important enough for Tory Jack?

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