First Glossy Of The 2019 Election

Received a 16x12ish glossy already

Probably created by Wally on behalf of Tory Jack Gilmore. Must have cost a fortune, but not down the drain as the shredder munched it quickly. First impression, candidate Jack will follow Sam the sailor, into oblivion.

Here’s a taster

Jack wants to see better trains on our local lines, improved services and more destinations! Improved services for whom? Clearly written by an idiot, as our trains are funded and provided for metropolitan users and those who can afford to pay to use them. Nothing proposed for elderly and disabled West Lancastrians to use off-peak empty seats at a discount. Discrimination, plain and simple.

And, just for information Jack, ask how and why it came about that our taxes, LCC council taxes, some of which were pensioner taxes, funded the re-vamp of Ormskirk station without benefit for elderly and disabled West Lancastrians? And when you get the answers, tell us in time for the general election?

Here’s your starter for 10, “The refurbishment of Ormskirk station was funded by a number of parties. Funding was predominantly provided by Lancashire County Council with contributions from Merseytravel and the National Stations Improvement Programme”. [Source Cllr Liam Robinson Chair of Liverpool City Region Transport Committee]. We repeat, NO funds are available from LCC to subsidize off peak pensioner/disabled users.

2 thoughts on “First Glossy Of The 2019 Election

  1. wlbcarepants

    Conservatives must think people are mugs. Standing at a site of regular flooding, due to insufficient investment by a privatised industry that values shareholders more than long-suffering residents. You couldn’t make it up!


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