Aughton’s Nightmare Before Christmas?

A couple of days ago WLR wrote about Parrs Lane and the greedy developers.

Now, oh, how my heart bleeds for Tory Jack, Gilmore, that is, as he commits to “…fight alonside [sic] the community to stop inappropriate development in our precious greenbelt”. This time its Altys Lane

last time it was the “waste of time” slur and “lies told door to door”

of Jack’s mentor Wally Westley about Parrs Lane, Aughton. Once seen, never forgotten, retained for posterity.

Your problem, Jack, is the community doesn’t believe local politicians any more. Credit to Labour that fought off these developers in court and won. But it was a mere respite and the developer juggernaut is back. Better to build on soft, spade ready, fine agricultural land than to contend with the costly to prepare concrete and rubble of brownfield sites.

Aughton Residents Group, ARG (2012), is dismayed having discovered that developers are already continuing with their relentless intentions to build on prime farmland at Parrs Lane and Prescot Road. Their target is now 500 dwellings instead of their original plans for 400.

When WLBC abandoned their unrealistic 30 year plan the residents of Aughton and surrounding areas had taken some comfort in the mistaken belief that the threat to this land had at least been put on hold.

However they, the developers, were astute enough to realise that they, having already invested so much time, effort and money, would never give up their chance to make huge profits.

Colin Atkinson, Chairman of ARG (2012), said “When visiting the WLBC planning website over another matter I was surprised and dismayed to see a Scoping Report Reference 2019/1134/SCO which is a conjointly submitted report by Emery Planning on behalf of Redrow Homes Ltd And Wainhomes North West Ltd.

“The report indicates their intentions, having seemingly acquired more land within the Parrs Lane / Prescot Road / Long Lane site boundaries, to make new planning applications for a significantly increased number of dwellings (500 rather than 400).

“Armed with this information I contacted WLBC Planning Department to query why as a resident who is directly affected by these plans, had not been notified or consulted. I was told that WLBC’S policy only requires neighbour notification as and when Planning Applications are received. Whilst this situation is not the fault of the Planning Officers it does mean that the Community are kept in the dark whilst the developers are already progressing their intentions.

“From past experiences in ‘fending off’ the unwelcome and unjustified developers’ plans we are well aware that in respect of these sites they are prepared to go to any expense in their efforts to find any loopholes or pretext to usurp and thwart the elected Council’s planning decisions and the Local Plan.

“ARG (2012) unfortunately now find ourselves in the run up to Christmas preparing for another campaign to defend this beautiful, prime agricultural landscape from becoming yet another profit driven concrete and brick estate. We will be contacting our MP, Ward Councillors and Aughton Parish Council for their continued support”. And good luck with that?

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