They’re Back For Parrs Lane, Redrow And Wainhomes

Aughton Residents Group (2012) is back on alert with news of Redrow

And Wainhomes

making an application to WLBC for a scoping report on 500 new homes at Parrs Lane, that’s 100 more than their original defeated bid.

As ARG2012 states, this is not unexpected, but sooner than anticipated as the ball is rolling again in their seemingly endless quest to develop the Parrs Lane/Prescot Road site (s).

ARG Chairman Colin Atkinson and other ARG Committee members attended last Monday’s Aughton Parish Council meeting. Surprise surprise, no Aughton Ward Councillors were present.

At Public Question time Mr Atkinson asked the Aughton Parish Councillors, in the absence of any Aughton Ward Councillors, if they had any news or update regarding the WLBC Local Plan. He told them that he had previously been told by a WLBC Planning Officer that the new preferred options paper was expected to be published around Christmas 2019.

The response from APC and others in the Public Area, was that they had no update and it was now anticipated that the WLBC New Local Plan would be funded by the 2020 /2021 budget and so it was unlikely for any action(s) to take place in 2019. Mr Atkinson said he was aware that the proposed 30 year Local Plan was rejected by WLBC and sent back to the drawing board for a more realistic plan to be formulated.

Mr Atkinson checked the WLBC Planning website yesterday and to his surprise he saw that under Planning Reference 2019/1134/SCO there are documents relating to a SCOPING report submitted by Emery Planning conjointly on behalf of Redrow and Wainhomes. It appears that the developers have acquired some more of the Parrs Lane/Prescot Road Land.

You can visit the WLBC Planning website and view the reports/ documents using the reference numbers and the simple search procedure. The Scoping report (which is a pre-planning application procedure) indicates that they will now be planning up to 500 houses in total between the WAINHOMES and REDROW sites, as opposed to the lower figure of a total of 400 dwellings in their previous applications.

In a nutshell, Redrow and Wainhomes now plan to blight this area even more so than their original applications. Mr Atkinson contacted WLBC Planning Dept. today and spoke to Mr M. Loughran (Case Officer) who advised him that there isn’t a neighbour notification at this point in time and only “Consultees” such as Highways, Police, United Utilities etc are notified. As and when planning applications are received then neighbour notification will take place.

So there we are, advance warning, just before Christmas, of what lies ahead. But what DOES lie ahead? No infrastructure, no services, traffic bedlam, no local increase in school or medical needs.

The Police

response is interesting, as they state “Dear Planning Officer. Thank you for providing Lancashire Constabulary with the opportunity to comment on this scoping opinion for up to 500 new build dwellings.

Application ref: 2019/1134/SCO; Proposal: Scoping Opinion – Proposed residential development of up to 500 dwellings. Location: Land To The North-west Of, Parrs Lane, Aughton, Lancashire
Grid Ref: SD 340971 406372

“A development of this size and scale has the potential to create significant demand on Lancashire Constabulary resources with calls for service, therefore in order to keep people safe and feeling safe, it is recommended that the applicant develops these 500 new dwellings to achieve Secured by Design Gold accreditation. This should be a condition of planning approval. I ask Planning Officers to please signpost the applicant to the Lancashire Constabulary Designing Out Crime Officers so that crime prevention strategies can be integrated into the design as early as possible. Details regarding the Secured by Design New Homes 2019 scheme can be found at

Other matters include “Lighting is required at all elevations that contain an external doorset, plus garage illuminations, LED Photoelectric �dusk until dawn fittings to deter intruders as opposed to PIR operated units. The street lighting scheme should be developed to BS 5489:2013 by a qualified lighting engineer.

Deter intruders by incorporating a 1.8m high close boarded fencing arrangement for the perimeter of rear gardens and dividing panels. There are many more features prescribed by police, creating almost impossible crime conditions, which are in “Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (as amended by the Police and Justice Act 2006). Without prejudice to any other obligation imposed on it, it shall be the duty of each authority to which this section applies to exercise its various functions with due regard to the likely effect of the exercise of those functions on, and the need to do all that it reasonably can to prevent, crime and disorder in its area (including anti-social and other behaviour adversely affecting the local environment); and (b) the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances in its area crime and disorder in its area.

Crime ridden Aughton will applaud that commitment if it is enforced?

2 thoughts on “They’re Back For Parrs Lane, Redrow And Wainhomes

  1. stodgey

    I was looking at the alien edifices being erected at Yew Tree Farm the other day from Higgins Lane. The house styles are foreign to the local builds – they all have massively deep roofs. The houses are shoved so closely together, the roof line looks like a massive saw tooth blade. Ugly doesn’t even come close.


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