On Being A “Principled” MP While “UK Democracy Is In Peril”?

The Green Party

says of Caroline Lucas: known as one of the UK’s most fearless, passionate, “principled” MPs. [Definition “principled” (of a person or their behaviour) acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong…”a principled politician”. Her supporters also state” In 2019, with UK democracy in peril and the Amazon on fire, we need to make sure Caroline is re-elected as an MP, with a huge mandate”.

“We have won the Letwin amendment! This house has NOT approved this terrible deal today. The fight for the #PeopleVote to #StopBrexit continues!!”…[UK democracy in peril!]

“Alongside her leading role in calling for a People’s Vote on a disastrous Brexit, Caroline’s been a passionate campaigner for the environment, the NHS, social justice and human rights. And she has helped hundreds of people in her Brighton Pavilion constituency, on everything from housing to deportation”.

“Nothing is certain in politics at the moment. We need to run a brilliant campaign to be sure that we can keep Caroline in parliament, and that she has a strong, well-resourced local party to support her beyond it. Brilliant election campaigns cost money: we need to talk to voters, get our leaflets through letter boxes, pay for ads – and the next 5 weeks will fly by.

“Our financial support comes entirely from people like you. People who donate whatever they can afford. We don’t get contributions from big businesses, or Trades Unions, all our money comes from regular people like you.

“By donating to the campaign to re-elect Caroline you will ensure there’s still a gutsy, progressive voice in Parliament after the General Election. I need £15,000”.

Talking of right and wrong, she wrote “The MP expenses scandal was a shameful indication of where the real priorities of much of the political establishment lie. Alleged criminal activity related to the funding behind the Leave campaign during the EU Referendum only further undermines public confidence in politics”. [Not the Remain campaign, just the Leave campaign!]

She claimed £37,948 for office, travel and accommodation. She received a basic MP salary of £76,011. She’s had pledges of over £10,000 towards her crowd funding target of £15,000 of her re-election expenses. Nice work if you can get it while ignoring 17.4million “democratic members of the electorate”? And her “passion” for “human rights” does NOT extend to the human rights of the same 17.4million for their majority to be honoured? Strange principles?

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