Rosie, A Remainer To The End?

You may have received a letter from Rosie Cooper. Update On Parliamentary Activities, Leaving The European Union

To quote Rosie Cooper as our MP on 10th October, 2019 “In 2016 West Lancashire voted in favour of leaving the EU, a decision Rosie Cooper MP committed to honouring during the Brexit process. A position which is consistent with the 2017 Labour Party manifesto which she was elected on”. 

She also stated “I have consistently argued that an orderly Brexit is better than a No Deal Brexit”. But that was not at issue in 2016. It has been developed as a theme by remainers.

She commented on Brexit 2nd April, 2019 “West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper said “Although a remainer, my position on Brexit has been consistent and remains unchanged. Quite simply the will of the people and the outcome of the referendum should be respected. In West Lancashire a majority of people, 55% voted to Leave the EU.

“Throughout this process, however it unfolds I will continue to represent the interests of my West Lancashire constituents, whist honouring the majority decision of the 55% who voted to leave the EU”.

But it hasn’t become quite what the majority expected or what should be respected. Here it is “I was also involved in the campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in a Customs Union with the European Union”

Not “To leave the EU and then negotiate a Free Trade Agreement that takes tariffs and barriers off to make trading cheaper”. 

A remainer to the end?

4 thoughts on “Rosie, A Remainer To The End?

  1. stodgey

    So, Rosie is a remainer, but what *kind* of remainer is she? When she voted to remain in June of 2016, did she *really* know what she was voting for? Is she a soft remainer, a kind of medium, middle-of-the-road remainer or is she one of those extreme, continuity remainiac nutters, the kind who’d have us all wearing lederhosen 24/7, watching Eurovision Song Contest repeats on an eternal loop and worshipping St Junker of Luxembourg, the patron saint of tired & emotional causes?

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      The letter is insistent with her “willingness to compromise” and “creating a compromise solution” and “sensible compromises”, or “compromise in the national interest”, which, she believes, reflect the clear views of her constituents. She relies on her track record since first elected. That’s nothing to do with Brexit. And to end it she suggests “As we approach the General Election…she hopes Parliament and the Government is willing to compromise”. But that’s not what 17.4million leavers were asked about. We should leave and then agree our relationship with the EU.

      1. westlancashirerecord Post author

        As John Redwood explains “There are so many misconceptions in current debate about the nature and value of a Free Trade Agreement.
        The first is, you do not need a Free Trade Agreement in order to trade with other countries. The UK in the EU has no free trade agreement with either the USA or China, the two largest economies in the world, yet we have a large trade with both of them. The second is trading as we do under World Trade rules there is no WTO requirement to impose tariffs on imports. We do so because the EU tells us to impose tariffs on food and cars, not because the WTO makes us. Once we leave we can decide whether to remove those tariffs or not. There is no requirement to impose tariffs on say drugs, and the UK government has made clear it would not do so. The main reason we can have a successful trade with the USA and China and can have one with the EU after we leave is the existence of WTO rules”.

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