Clearly A Man With Foresight?

Hullo, it’s me again.

Do you recall my good news to WLBC in 2005 that the Beacon Park Golf Course was in good hands? Almost too good, you might think? Here’s a reminder.

I wrote “Members may wish to acknowledge the success to date of the ground breaking partnership with DCT Leisure in managing the Beacon Park Golf Course for the Golf Course, Driving Range, Pro Shop and Beacon Centre Catering over the last 5 years. And “The Council now has a more favourable financial situation, with a guaranteed income from the course. DCT Leisure Limited has benefited both Council and local community, justifying the initial decision to engage them. Relevant Portfolio Holder: Councillor David Westley” to Cabinet: 15th March 2005.

“As we all know, “ground breaking” was an unfortunate phrase and is now synonymous with the ruination of the driving range, and the course, by excessive, unlimited, unlawful landfill, allowed by what DCT Leisure Ltd introduced while actually being an undetected bankrupt company. They fooled me, but that’s “par for the course” if you will pardon my use of the phrase!”

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