Nosey Neighbour Campaign

Hey there, From Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

It’s not about creeping, sneaking or peeking. It’s about looking out for people who may need a little extra support, especially over the winter months. Many people will know that, the elderly, isolated and unwell are amongst those most likely to suffer injury, experience accidents or fire in the home and during winter this risk increases significantly. And this year instead of targeting those vulnerable people directly Lancashire Fire and Rescue will be campaigning for all Lancashire’s residents to look out for one another, those people that they know and those that they don’t.

How do YOU get involved?

It’s easy… Simply reach out to relatives, loved ones, friends and neighbours. Let them know they’re not on their own. Check that they’re warm enough and ask if there’s anything they need help with. Look out for the warning signs and indicators that people may be struggling, pass on our key safety information and keep an eye on our social media channels for more info. Otherwise, let us do the talking – visit our website ( complete the form and order our free Christmas card which you can then post through your neighbours letterbox.

You can also get involved as a business too, complete the form on the website to order some Christmas cards, flyers and pin badges which you can display and distribute to help share the message. Jane Williams, Prevention Support Manager for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said of the new campaign “Before now, if you were to be labelled as a nosey neighbour, then the chances are you’d be offended. With this campaign we’re hoping to challenge perceptions. No longer is ‘nosey neighbour’ a label to be feared. We want it to become synonymous with looking out for one another, especially vulnerable members of the community who may sometimes be out of sight and out of mind. Our message is simple; do something good today. Reach out and show them they don’t have to struggle on their own. It’s good to be a nosey neighbour.

“You can follow the campaign’s progress by keeping an eye out on our website and social media channels for news, updates and further information about the winter safety campaign”.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

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