The Council Secrets We Might Never Know About?

Our West Lancashire 

reports that Many diligent council officers are leaving the Borough Council this week. Good services to local residents, depend on good local people to deliver them. Cuts every year from central Government meant there was little choice when this decision faced councillors.

“However, there was a choice over the Chief Executive. Our West Lancashire felt it was wrong to spend £300,000 on the departure of Kim Webber, the council’s Chief Executive when other options could have made the savings required while retaining her experience to steer the council through the change. We’re now spending a shedload in recruiting her replacement but amazingly, we’re not allowed to tell you how much!”

Well, if the Freedom of Information Act 2000 doesn’t give council tax payers the right to know, we are stuffed! There is an ongoing private query about the current WLBC Annual Audit that is disclosing disturbing limitations on the extent to which supposedly independent auditors receive advice on some matters from WLBC officers. It will have to be exposed, and it will be!

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