Birch Green By-Election Has Exposed Party Infighting At Whose Cost?

It’s not often that political infighting is exposed

in the way it has been as Labour West Lancashire is campaigning for Sue Gregson, their candidate for Birch Green in the upcoming by-election for the ward on West Lancashire Borough Council, to be held on 21st November.

George Rear is the Conservative Party candidate. In May 2019 he was the Conservative candidate for the Ashurst Ward, where he managed the support of 107 voters, 8% of votes cast. He’s the waste of space paper candidate for Birch Green!

Andrew Craig Taylor is the Skelmersdale Independent Party candidate.

In Birch Green in May he obtained the support of 277 voters, 35% of votes cast.

Why is there a by-election? Because, as Claire Cooper tweeted “I won’t be canvassing for the candidate in Birch Green. The dark forces within West Lancs Labour have ‘spun’ the story. I was deselected because of backstabbing by my fellow councillor in Birch Green. If you think that’s the way local politics should work, go ahead and campaign”.

And, as Ron Cooper tweeted 14 October “I’m sitting in the Labour Councillors’ Group meeting, wondering whose back the knife will go in next”.

Labour West Lancashire declared 8 October “The by-election has been triggered following Cllr Claire Cooper’s resignation from the council. Claire had represented the ward since May 2016, but has now chosen to step down from her role on the council”. 

“Stepped down” with a knife in her back, wielded by an individual or the party, or both? Either way, we all, every council tax payer, now foot the bill for the by-election. That can’t be right? It’s as bad as council tax being used for party political posts at LCC, where the party whips, secretaries, and general dogsbodies are on the public payroll, or in the public trough! Aren’t the councillor allowances enough for them? 



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