Month: November 2019

Vandals Have Carried Out “Horrendous’ Damage” To At Least Two Golf Courses

And before you ask, no, this isn’t about the West Lancashire Borough Council

officially supported Serco horrendous vandalism at the Beacon Park Golf Course.

At Prestwich Golf Club in Greater Manchester a criminal drove an off-road buggy across the course and was seen performing ‘doughnuts’ on the greens. The course was left badly damaged

with evidence of tyre marks and mounds of turf having been torn up. The golf club estimates it will cost tens of thousands of pounds to repair the damage.

And vandals took a spade to greens at Willingdon Golf Club in East Sussex

So far it has cost around £1,500 to repair the damage. It took about 25 hours to get the surfaces repaired enough to play on again. To get it back to the required high standard it will take most of the winter and into the spring. 

Of course, we all continue to look aghast at the Serco landfill vandalism at Beacon Park, “Which has been the scene of bitter rows for years after Serco was permitted to dump large amounts of landfill waste on parts of the site’ stated Wigan Today. ‘This led to a massive dispute between golfers, backed by West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper, and Serco along with West Lancashire Borough Council.

The developers, Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd and Serco Leisure Operating Ltd with the connivance of WLBC said the proposal would attract more young golfers to the site and offer new facilities for members, “which the club has wanted to do since 2011”.

The whereabouts of all the landfill royalties is still under investigation. Serco admitted in writing to receiving £183,864 that a WLBC Officer stated should go to West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust, disputed by Serco as “stipulated in the contract”. That’s the stench that has pervaded this entire landfill racket.  

Perhaps it should be a general election issue? Get the “as stipulated contract” published. Get the total account of the landfill royalties and proof VAT was legally accounted for the “goods and services” involved to HMRC, published. There’s no longer any “Commercial In Confidence” involved, as Rupert Soames the Chief Executive at Serco Group Plc personally wrote the letter containing the “£183,864” landfill grab amount. 

Otherwise, it’s a matter that should surely be individually and separately audited out-with the annual WLBC Full Audit, which does not contain any reference to it.

Jack Isn’t For All West Lancastrians?

In the demographic breakdown of West Lancashire it is stated “West Lancashire has a diverse population in terms of age with some communities having a markedly older population (Aughton, Parbold/Newburgh, Tarleton).

Well, here we are with the big leaflet launch of the West Lancashire Conservative Party. Jack Gilmore “A strong new local voice who will fight for the residents of West Lancashire”. But not, apparently, for the elderly and disabled residents of West Lancashire. Not one word about them. And not one word about the upcoming theft by the BBC of our “0ver 75s Free” TV Licence.

On census night 2011, West Lancashire had a population of 110,700. This was a 2% increase on the population at the 2001 census of 108,378. 18.9% of the West Lancashire population are aged 65 and over, higher than the national rate (16.4%). 800 residents (0.7%) were aged over 90, compared to 618 (0.6%) in 2001. The greatest percentage increase was in the age group 60-64 which increased by 27%. It’s thought the population is now circa 113,000. So Jack has ignored around 22,000 voters. 

The BBC said it will continue to scrap free TV licences for up to 3.7m people. A government spokesman said “We’re disappointed with the BBC’s decision not to continue free licences for the over-75s.” He added “We’ve been clear that we want and expect it to continue this concession”. 

Shame this isn’t important enough for Tory Jack?

Aughton’s Nightmare Before Christmas?

A couple of days ago WLR wrote about Parrs Lane and the greedy developers.

Now, oh, how my heart bleeds for Tory Jack, Gilmore, that is, as he commits to “…fight alonside [sic] the community to stop inappropriate development in our precious greenbelt”. This time its Altys Lane

last time it was the “waste of time” slur and “lies told door to door”

of Jack’s mentor Wally Westley about Parrs Lane, Aughton. Once seen, never forgotten, retained for posterity.

Your problem, Jack, is the community doesn’t believe local politicians any more. Credit to Labour that fought off these developers in court and won. But it was a mere respite and the developer juggernaut is back. Better to build on soft, spade ready, fine agricultural land than to contend with the costly to prepare concrete and rubble of brownfield sites.

Aughton Residents Group, ARG (2012), is dismayed having discovered that developers are already continuing with their relentless intentions to build on prime farmland at Parrs Lane and Prescot Road. Their target is now 500 dwellings instead of their original plans for 400.

When WLBC abandoned their unrealistic 30 year plan the residents of Aughton and surrounding areas had taken some comfort in the mistaken belief that the threat to this land had at least been put on hold.

However they, the developers, were astute enough to realise that they, having already invested so much time, effort and money, would never give up their chance to make huge profits.

Colin Atkinson, Chairman of ARG (2012), said “When visiting the WLBC planning website over another matter I was surprised and dismayed to see a Scoping Report Reference 2019/1134/SCO which is a conjointly submitted report by Emery Planning on behalf of Redrow Homes Ltd And Wainhomes North West Ltd.

“The report indicates their intentions, having seemingly acquired more land within the Parrs Lane / Prescot Road / Long Lane site boundaries, to make new planning applications for a significantly increased number of dwellings (500 rather than 400).

“Armed with this information I contacted WLBC Planning Department to query why as a resident who is directly affected by these plans, had not been notified or consulted. I was told that WLBC’S policy only requires neighbour notification as and when Planning Applications are received. Whilst this situation is not the fault of the Planning Officers it does mean that the Community are kept in the dark whilst the developers are already progressing their intentions.

“From past experiences in ‘fending off’ the unwelcome and unjustified developers’ plans we are well aware that in respect of these sites they are prepared to go to any expense in their efforts to find any loopholes or pretext to usurp and thwart the elected Council’s planning decisions and the Local Plan.

“ARG (2012) unfortunately now find ourselves in the run up to Christmas preparing for another campaign to defend this beautiful, prime agricultural landscape from becoming yet another profit driven concrete and brick estate. We will be contacting our MP, Ward Councillors and Aughton Parish Council for their continued support”. And good luck with that?

First Glossy Of The 2019 Election

Received a 16x12ish glossy already

Probably created by Wally on behalf of Tory Jack Gilmore. Must have cost a fortune, but not down the drain as the shredder munched it quickly. First impression, candidate Jack will follow Sam the sailor, into oblivion.

Here’s a taster

Jack wants to see better trains on our local lines, improved services and more destinations! Improved services for whom? Clearly written by an idiot, as our trains are funded and provided for metropolitan users and those who can afford to pay to use them. Nothing proposed for elderly and disabled West Lancastrians to use off-peak empty seats at a discount. Discrimination, plain and simple.

And, just for information Jack, ask how and why it came about that our taxes, LCC council taxes, some of which were pensioner taxes, funded the re-vamp of Ormskirk station without benefit for elderly and disabled West Lancastrians? And when you get the answers, tell us in time for the general election?

Here’s your starter for 10, “The refurbishment of Ormskirk station was funded by a number of parties. Funding was predominantly provided by Lancashire County Council with contributions from Merseytravel and the National Stations Improvement Programme”. [Source Cllr Liam Robinson Chair of Liverpool City Region Transport Committee]. We repeat, NO funds are available from LCC to subsidize off peak pensioner/disabled users.

Aurora Continues Bid To Frack Near Formby

Aurora continues bid to frack near Formby but the tremor risk is ruled out of date?

The company that wants to frack for shale gas near Formby in Lancashire is pressing ahead with its planning application, despite the government’s recent moratorium. But Aurora Resources has been advised to update its estimate of the risk of fracking-induced earth tremors.

The company said in its application that the geology of its proposed site at Great Altcar was “very similar” to Preston New Road, where in August Cuadrilla caused the UK’s largest fracking-induced tremor, measuring 2.9ML. Aurora said the size of tremors caused by its operation would be limited to 1.5ML. But this statement was made before the August tremors at Preston New Road and the moratorium.

On 2 November, the government said it was withdrawing its support for shale gas because it was not possible to predict accurately whether fracking would cause tremors and what size they would be. Now Lancashire County Council has formally asked the company for new data. A letter from the council’s development plan leader, Jonathan Haine, published online, said fracking at Altcar Moss might be expected to induce similar seismic activity to Preston New Road.

“The risk assessment within the ES [Environmental Statement] should therefore be updated as they are based upon an assumption that the embedded mitigation will limit the size of seismic events to 1.5Ml. Events at PNR appear to demonstrate that seismic events well above this level are possible”. Mr Haine said the county council had been advised that Aurora’s geological setting was “too generic” and a “more site-specific study” would help to justify the 1.5ML conclusion.

Aurora had said none of the faults within the carboniferous rock formation reached the surface. But Mr Haine said“The County Council’s advice is that this is unlikely to be the case and that more detail should be presented within the ES to justify the conclusions”.

DrillOrDrop understands that the campaign network, The Moss Alliance, has been advised that because of the geology of Altcar Moss, fracking would be likely to result in worse induced seismic events than those caused by Cuadrilla at Preston New Road. In fact Halsall Against Fracking Chair Maureen Mills

says “It’s business as usual for us at the Moss Alliance. Unfortunately a lot of folk think we’ve won and it’s going to go away, but it’s not”.

Aurora Energy Resources Limited is involved in the “Extraction of crude petroleum and Extraction of natural gas” and was previously Pacific Shelf 1485 Limited, EDP Onshore Limited, And Aurora Exploration (UK) Limited. Its Registered office address is 28 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB10 1YL. Its current annual report shows £4,123,171 of assets including £4,087,381 cash, and its Total Equity is £2,129,041. Its shareholders include Aurora Holdings Ltd, Bergenoil AG, Dubhor Energy Ltd, and a host of individuals. 

Not to be too blunt about it, we wouldn’t shed a tear if they lost the lot!