You Shouldn’t Trust The Local Tory Party

The upcoming general election is already controversial, no surprise really?

Boris Johnson told us about dying in his ditch if he didn’t lead us out of the EU by tonight. Now he’s set us up to stay longer, at least until after the general election he hopes to win. But we will vote locally for a local candidate. So we look at their honesty, their local record. They have a website. Today it claims, for them, 2 MEPs.

In the North West Region there are 8 MEPs. Claire Fox The Brexit Party; Theresa Griffin Labour Party; Chris Davies Liberal Democrats; Henrik Overgaard Nielsen The Brexit Party; Gina Dowding Green Party; Julie Ward Labour Party; David Bull The Brexit Party; Jane Brophy Liberal Democrats.

No Tory MEPs. You can’t trust the West Lancashire Conservatives, or their website, “Promoted by Cllr David Westley on behalf of West Lancashire Conservatives”,

2 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Trust The Local Tory Party

  1. stodgey

    God, Chris Davies; a sneering no-talent elitist career politician who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome whenever he gets near his twitter account. Everything that’s wrong with today’s crop of gormless jobs-for-lifers.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Yes, he’s tweeted “Chris Davies MEP Retweeted Rob Castell. Well done. Dominic Grieve has demonstrated true principle and few have spoken more words of sense over recent years. This is the way to beat the first-past-the-post-system that Boris Johnson intends to use to deliver Brexit”. Grieve ignores the 17.4million who voted as legally required for a referendum. As does Davies! Gormless is apt!


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