Off With His Head

Readers may remember when the traditional portrait of the Speaker of the House of Commons was disclosed, and the outrage that Bercow spent tax-payers’ £37,000 on it.

But, while all political careers are famously destined to end in failure, Bercow is guaranteed to go off in flames. In the week he bows out as Speaker, he was unveiled as the effigy for the annual Edenbridge Bonfire Society

in Kent on 2nd November, holding the heads of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

“Orderrrrrrrr! This year’s #Edenbridge Bonfire celebrity guy is John Bercow!”

Bercow’s likeness then suffered a brutal beheading himself, flapping off from the stick frame.

But his head was soon repaired, restored and back in full working “order, order”

to be burned in front of bonfire crowds, who may well chant “Bollocks to Bercow” to paraphrase the sticker on the Bercow family car?

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