Rosie Fracking Ban Commitment?

Rosie Cooper MP has secured a fracking ban commitment for local anti-fracking campaigners.

The campaigners are buoyed by assurances over a future fracking ban commitment secured by Rosie.

She announced “On the back of meetings with anti-fracking groups, The Moss Alliance (which includes Halsall Against Fracking) and Ormskirk and District Friends of the Earth Rosie was asked to seek assurances on Labour’s continued opposition to fracking and implementing a fracking ban when in government. MP Rosie has campaigned alongside anti-fracking groups in opposing Aurora Energy Resources application for exploratory fracking activity in Altcar, West Lancashire and Caudrilla’s fracking site in Roseacre.

Barry Gardiner MP (Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade and Shadow Minister for International Climate Change) in his reply to Rosie wrote ‘I give you my total assurance that Labour remains completely opposed to fracking, that our pledge to ban fracking will be contained in any forthcoming manifesto and that a future Labour government will honour that commitment.’

Responding to Mr Gardiner’s restated commitment to Labour banning fracking, Rosie said “I understand just how deeply concerning it is for residents in Altcar and neighbouring communities facing the threat of fracking take place near to their homes. I will stand by them every step of the way in fighting the expansion of fracking activity.

“Barry Gardiner has met with West Lancashire residents when I invited him to visit the constituency back in August 2018. He knows himself from speaking to residents the extent of their fears and how fracking could destroy many local communities.

“I very much welcome his unequivocal restatement of Labour’s absolute commitment to continue opposing fracking and to ban fracking when in government”.

Interesting reference to what will be in the forthcoming manifesto. We don’t believe manifestos anymore, why commit, using the phrase “honour that commitment” to one?

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