Yesterday In Parliament-What Rosie Cooper Said

Rosie Cooper Labour, West Lancashire

“Prime Minister, my constituents voted to leave, by 55% to 45%, but they want to ensure and believe—and it is a question of trust—that there will be certainty and decent rights for all workers as we leave the EU, and in the future. I welcome the announcement of an employment reform Bill, but given that he had his pen out in answer to my hon. Friend Tracy Brabin, will he set the date and tell us when he is going to put it in this Bill so that we know when it will happen?”

Boris Johnson The Prime Minister, Leader of the Conservative Party

“I can confirm that we will be doing that, but it is probably best done in the course of the Bill, and we should get on with the debate as fast as possible. Let me come to our compatriots in Northern Ireland. This Bill upholds in full the Belfast/Good Friday agreement, as Lord Trimble has attested, and our unwavering commitment to Northern Ireland’s place in the Union”.

We can only wonder why Rosie specified just the rights of workers but not the rights of the elderly, the infirm, the almost bus-less society, and why there is still no free off-peak travel, on publicly subsidized trains, for her constituents  between Liverpool and Ormskirk, and why the BBC will hammer the oldest among us for its licence fees that are used to pay grotesque salaries to its “Star Talent”. 

2 thoughts on “Yesterday In Parliament-What Rosie Cooper Said

  1. stodgey

    I think the reason she stuck with the workers’ rights stuff was because she was ordered to by the Labour whips. It’s all Labour MPs talk about – that, and environmental protection. That’s their angle, to try and get the working class Brexit vote from northern constituencies back into the hutch.

    Are we as a country – a country of Magna Carta, The Bill of Rights, The Levellers, Tolpuddle Martyrs, Suffragettes incapable of producing protective legislation any more? Isn’t that what regaining national power means, why we elected people to parliament to do that stuff? Honestly, the standard of our MPs is an absolute joke. Dull, boring, incapable of any imagination – 650 super-privileged dullard bums sat on the very best cosseted bespoke leather. No wonder they don’t want the responsibility coming back to Westminster from Brussels.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      It is also the trades unions insisting on their control over Labour being enforced. That’s no secret, we can read it day in, day out. But what they don’t realise, or don’t want to, is workers become old and infirm, and also vote. As you mention we as a country, I think of we as England. The Union means nothing to me any more. I have to watch Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish nationalists fighting their corners for independence. They have my sympathy, why stop them? The day the English Democrats put a candidate in West Lancashire will be a real alternative to all these establishment controllers.


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