Scottish Court Decision


Mr Maugham QC relates “Government applied to have the court order forcing #Johnson to comply with the Benn Act lifted. Court refused to until all provisions of the act had been complied with: i.e. Johnson has accepted any EU extension. Expect court will keep its order in force throughout the extension.

Mr Maugham adds “I am delighted with the Court’s decision. It is a pity to have to say it, but this is not a Prime Minister who can be trusted to comply with the law. And because he cannot be trusted he must be supervised”.

I suppose he would be delighted. Personally, I would be delighted if anytime soon Mr Maugham, the law, Parliament, or even Joe Bloggs would acknowledge the rights of 17.4million leave voters just to leave after a referendum that promised just that. As for supervision, be it Boris Johnson or Parliament, aren’t we all lucky that the Speaker remains unbiased…whoops, did I just write that!

NB Mr Maugham QC wrote “I act not to punish the Prime Minister for his failings. I act to secure that a man with a mandate from 160,000 recognises the supremacy of laws enacted by a Parliament with a mandate from 46 million, however inconvenient they are to him”.

Response “A mandate from 46 million for what? Did Parliament receive a mandate to be delaying the enactment of the result of a referendum they overwhelmingly voted for to take place?”.

Response “So Parliament’s message to the public would be “Thank you for your interest in the democratic process, but unfortunately there are no opportunities available for you at this time. We wish you luck in your future endeavours”.

Response on borders “Norway is outside the Customs Union and Sweden is inside it. Here is a picture of a road that crosses the border between Norway and Sweden.

Where is the barrier? Where is the customs post?”.

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