Les Frogs Demande Oui Ou Non De Les Anglais

The French government has demanded a prompt “yes or no” from Britain over Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal as European capitals appeared split on Sunday night over an extension and its duration.

Amelie de Montchalin

who looks after Emmanuel Macron’s affairs in Europe, on Sunday urged MPs to deliver a verdict so that European leaders can gather to discuss whether to grant a delay.

Speaking after MPs voted on Saturday to delay Brexit for a third time, Ms de Montchalin told reporters that “We should stop believing that it’s in everybody’s interests to put everything on hold for six months”. She added “We need a yes or no from Britain on the Brexit agreement. Political uncertainty has negative consequences…”.

Yes, she’s right, and in that case may we expect Macron to say “Non”? It would help us to screw MPs, the law, and the entire remain stablishment!

NB Speaker John Bercow is now formally without a Commons seat to contest at the next election. Greg Smith is “Delighted and humbled to have been selected as the Conservative Candidate for Buckingham today. Looking forward to getting the campaign started”. As one wit remarked “Small shoes to fill”. 

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