Rosie No Vote!

Today, in one of the worst ever days for parliamentary democracy in British history, West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper did not vote on the Letwin amendment! 17.4million people nationwide, and 35,323 West Lancastrians who voted to leave the EU in 2016, have been denied a say in the latest parliamentary and establishment shambles and denial of democracy. Appalling!

6 thoughts on “Rosie No Vote!

  1. stodgey

    I just don’t know what to say anymore. The minuscule amount of faith I had in this country’s democratic process has now evaporated. Gone, forever. After a lifetime of voting, I’m seriously wondering why I ever bothered. I’ve already stopped voting for in the local elections (after the Yew Tree Farm debacle) – and now it looks like I’ll be painting a big angry sign to be planted right outside my front door: ‘If you’re a politician looking for my vote, and if you value your health – and your teeth, I suggest you don’t ring my bell but skulk away, back underneath the rock from whence you slimed from’.

    ‘Angry’ – it doesn’t even come close to the way I feel at the moment.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      I’m the same. This disgusting, entirely unrepresentative and dishonest parliament needs to be closed down, The speaker is a disgrace. But to return to our own MP not voting, how on earth could we lose our rights to be represented at such a crucial time in our history? My leave vote is now meaningless. A remain vote has turned out to be of more value than any of the 17.4million leave votes. Democracy my arse!

  2. stodgey

    As a frustrated Brexit supporting MP said last week when talking to a remainer: “Why do Brexit supporting voters have to vote twice before having their vote ratified?”

    I voted to leave in 1975, the cause lost; I lost – but I don’t remember anyone stamping their feet telling the remainers that they didn’t know what they were voting for. People then accepted the vote! Which makes the appalling present day behaviour of far too many MPs, celebrity luvvies, and middle class metropolitans (worried who will serve them their Prets) seem all the more infantile.

    I started this reply with a quote from a Brexit-supporting MP – and I’ll end it with another one: “While many of us are naturally very disappointed at the decision of the people in relation to continuing in the Common Market, we nevertheless accept that decision without any question.”
    Eric Heffer, Labour MP, after the 1975 EEC referendum.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Yes, I remember Eric Heffer well, the “defiant man of the left” as he was known. He turned Walton Liverpool into a stronghold for the Labour Party. He said of Walton that it wasn’t beautiful but its people were. He was right, my wife was born in Walton! Eric had supported, then rejected, membership of the European Economic Community. He was sacked from the Wilson government in 1975 for doing so but never lost his sense of priority, later writing that he believed we should work for socialist and working-class internationalism in Europe without making the EEC the major issue of contention. No matter what your politics were, in those days you believed politicians were honest. Show me an honest politician in 2019? Letwin, a total turd!

      1. stodgey

        The word is, Letwin is merely the monkey, the dumb primate of convenience for the shadowy suited & booted organ grinder(s). The Mr Big, the guy orchestrating all these amendments is apparently some legal super-brain called Lord Pannick. He handled Gina Miller’s successful court action against HMG – which brings him in the circle of Jolyon Maugham, Roland Rudd & possibly the Satan in a Suit, Tony Blair. The whole thing absolutely stinks, we’ve degenerated into a Banana Republic, with no more credence than the South American bejewelled junta dictator who claims victory thanks to 99.99% of the vote. Tory MPs in Westminster are not calling it ‘Letwin’s Amendment’ but ‘Pannick’s Amemdment’. Tells you all you need to know – an elitist unelected moneyed cabal pulling the strings, ensuring we never bloody leave. Utterly shameful.,_Baron_Pannick

      2. westlancashirerecord Post author

        Lord Pannick wrote recently “Lady Macbeth lamented: “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand”. The government counsel, Sir James Eadie, QC, and Lord Keen, QC, displayed their customary skill at dispensing forensic perfume, but even they could not disguise the stench of unconstitutionality coming from 10 Downing Street.

        “The powerful judgment of Lady Hale and Lord Reed for a unanimous ruling ensured the transformation of the Miller case from what many had dismissed as a hopeless legal argument to what is now widely regarded as a plain and obvious conclusion. Of course our constitutional law must empower the judiciary to stop the executive unreasonably preventing parliament from scrutinising the executive’s conduct. The Supreme Court has come of age as a constitutional court. How fortunate that it was not the appellate committee of the House of Lords, abolished as our highest court of appeal in 2009, determining the limits on the powers of the executive in relation to parliament. How ironic that the case arose in the context of Brexit, a political policy that its supporters justify by the wish to return sovereignty to parliament and to make our Supreme Court supreme over the European Court of Justice.

        “I have never found it easy to follow Rudyard Kipling’s advice to treat triumph and disaster just the same. I have lost cases 17-0 (in the European Court of Human Rights) and it is so much more satisfying to win this case 11-0″.

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