If Daniel Hannan Says All This, Then It Must Be True?

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan

claims that “The EU agreement delivers: Supremacy of British law Independent UK trade policy No annual tribute to Brussels Control of farming and fishing Good relations with our EU neighbours. All MPs elected in 2017 on pro-Brexit manifestos – Labour, Tory and DUP – should back it.

But it isn’t true. “Fishing for Leave”

claims “No we are not, it all stays the same in the transition, which can be extended until December 2022, in the meantime our fishing grounds are on the table for negotiations of the trade agreement. Our trawlermen are being shafted.

“We’ll be an “independent” state bound to an agreement with EU based on; •”non-discrimination”- ie equal access •”level playing field”- ie EU rules •As “part of wider economic partnership”- ie traded/levered away IF we survive the Transition It’s still BRINO”.

Brexit in name only is what we’ve got. Another quotation “Give Boris credit. This is not the worst deal in history. It’s the second worst deal in history” sums it up nicely.

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