Rosie, Yes Rosie?

In 2016 West Lancashire voted in favour of leaving the EU

a decision Rosie Cooper MP committed to honouring during the Brexit process. A position which is consistent with the 2017 Labour Party manifesto which she was elected on.

MP Rosie is one of 19 Labour MPs to put their name to the letter to Jean Claude Junker and Donald Tusk arguing for the EU Commission, the EU27, and the UK government to reach an agreement to avoid a No Deal Brexit happening.

As she said “It is clear that most people here in West Lancashire and across the country are tired of the Brexit deadlock and want the situation resolved. I have consistently argued that an orderly Brexit is better than a No Deal Brexit. I sincerely hope all those round the negotiating table are listening and willing to finally reach an agreement given it is 1,200 days since the country took the decision to leave the EU. I am concerned that any further delays to the UK leaving the EU will only add to the deepening public divisions we see and the growing disenchantment with politics. Until a deal is agreed the country cannot heal these divisions”.

In April Rosie told us “Throughout this process I’ve hoped for a better deal but also believe that a No Deal Brexit should be avoided at all costs. Nor do I believe another referendum should be held as the people have already spoken when they cast their vote in the 2016 referendum. The whole Brexit process is becoming complicated by the number of motions, amendments and indicative votes which are being presented to Parliament. Yet there is only one deal agreed with the EU. Throughout this process, however it unfolds I will continue to represent the interests of my West Lancashire constituents, whist honouring the majority decision of the 55% who voted to leave the EU”.

Today, it appears there is another deal agreed with the EU. Perhaps we will soon hear from Rosie that she will support it? Yes, yes, yes!

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