Boris Before The Court Again?

The Court of Session

as we all know by now, is the supreme civil court of Scotland and constitutes part of the College of Justice.

Tonight, it appears that once again it will be petitioned to hear a case to stop the UK Parliament approving a withdrawal agreement.

Jo Maugham QC “If the Government doesn’t have a finished legal text there can’t be a Benn Act vote on Saturday: section 1(1) is pretty clear the Government must lay before Parliament a copy of the concluded agreement.

“We believe the Government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement is contrary to section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018. I intend to lodge an immediate petition for an injunction in the Court of Session preventing the Government from placing the Withdrawal Agreement before Parliament for approval. We expect that petition to be lodged tomorrow and to be heard on Friday.

“We will be asking for your help to fund the petition. As usual, not one single penny of the monies raised will go to me”.

He’s not too popular as responses show “My vote as good as yours if you think I am going to give you money to overturn 17.4 million voters you must be joking” and “Ponzi scheme” and “If you’re that concerned Jo then pay out of your own pocket. I’m not a leaver but you constantly asking for money is so unbecoming. It ain’t as if you can spare a few bob”…and many more.

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