Are Fat Council Cats Taking The Cream?

WLBC Senior Staff Salaries

The WLBC Constitution tells us that “At Issue Date 1 April 2019 the salary ratio details shown in this statement are based on the actual earnings in effect at 31st January 2019” and that “Total remuneration has been calculated including salary, car expense allowance, over time, extra duties allowance, shift allowance, living wage supplement, standby duty, telephone allowance, election fees, and employer’s pension contributions”.

It also tells us “Returning Officer fees are based upon a fee calculated periodically by the Cabinet Office, with the fee being based on a sum of money multiplied per every 10,000 of electorate. The Council [Council tax payeres] pays the fees for the local election while the fees for other elections, such as Parliamentary and County Council, are paid for externally.

There are 10 WLBC management posts that carry the “Election fees” addendum to salary.

For the Chief Executive

Remuneration-The post is paid at WLa on the attached Appendix. This is a spot salary and carries no additional annual increments. Wla 71 £104,866. But the “Senior Officer Remuneration Details of the top 3 Tiers of Management Period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 in accordance with section 48 and 49 of the Transparency Code 2015 (enhanced information based on Statement of Accounts 2018/19) (* Annual salary = actual earnings in line with Statement of Accounts calculations. Based on Officers who have a basic contracted Salary of £50,000 and over)” refers to *Annual Salary (including Election Fees). The Chief Executive salary including Election Fees is *£108,657. A  +difference of £3,791.

Directors – Remuneration. There are three posts of Director reporting to the Chief Executive: Director of Leisure and Environment – WLb Director of Housing and Inclusion – WLb Director of Development and Regeneration – WLb. There are two further posts of Head of Service. Borough Solicitor (Monitoring Officer) Borough Treasurer (Section 151 Officer). The Grade for these posts is at WLd. All these posts are described as “Annual Salary (including Election Fees)”.

Grades “WLd £60,870”. “WLc 79 £72,803, WLc 61 £74,259” “WLb 88 £80,085 WLb 62 £81,687” “Wla £102,810”.

What do they all do that requires “Election Fees”?

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