Heseltine, Clarke, Adonis In EU Group Soros Cash Link

According to Wikipedia, the European Movement UK

is an independent all-party pressure group in the United Kingdom which campaigns in support of greater European integration and for reform of the European Union. It is part of the European Movement International which pushes for a “democratic, federal, enlarged European Union”. It is the most prominent pro-Europe group in Britain.

The President was Lord Paddy Ashdown until his death in December 2018. Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine was appointed as President in May 2019, and the current chairman (since December 2016) is Stephen Dorrell. The organisation promotes a “more democratic, effective and accountable” EU. It opposes Brexit.

The European Movement is the UK’s largest pro-European Network, campaigning for a People’s Vote on Brexit. As UNN exposed the other day, Jo Swinson’s husband works for an organisation called Transparency International that is an ‘anti-corruption’ organisation.

See https://westlancashirerecord.com/2019/10/10/google-duncan-hames-former-libdem-mp/

It is in receipt of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of funding from Open Society. Open Society is the organisation set up by billionaire ‘philanthropist’ George Soros that supports a vast network of liberal and left wing organisations around the world.

The European Movement says about themselves…Who we are “We passionately believe that any form of Brexit will be damaging for Britain. That’s why we are leading the fight for a People’s Vote with the option to remain. We are a truly grassroots organisation, with a community of over 10,000 campaigners and over 150 local groups across every nation and region of the UK.

The European Movement exists to promote European values of peace, prosperity, and international cooperation. Now we can also reveal that Open Society in their most up to date accounts donated $245,572 to The European Movement.

It is important to stress that there is nothing illegal about taking this money from the Open Society Foundation. Some countries have banned Open Society from operating in them as they believe they undermine national sovereignty. What has to be recognised is that George Soros is a significant contributor to a number of these pro-EU organisations that represent the heart of the establishment but try to portray they are grassroots movements. Why also does the mainstream media not expose the amount of international money that is coming in to undermine the democratic process through these astro-turf movements? UNN will continue to out and investigate where we see the MSM being either neglectful or deliberately ignoring important stories.

Do YOU want the future of the UK decided by Open Society and George Soros, or by a majority democratic vote of 17.4million UK voters?

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