Is 153 Lucky For Lancashire?

No, it’s grossly unfair

says Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw, who is also ‘disappointed’ at the ‘grossly unfair’ allocation of funding for Lancashire Constabulary compared to other police forces and wants 750 officers back.

But Jack Gilmore the Tory candidate for West Lancashire tweets

“Fantastic news” as Lancashire receives 153 extra officers. He’s easily pleased?

The Government has pledged to hire 20,000 new officers across England and Wales over the next three years. In the first wave of the roll-out, the Home Office said it will provide £750 million to support the 43 forces to recruit up to 6,000 new officers by the end of 2020-21.

Lancashire’s share of the allocated funding will see its police force benefit from the recruitment of 153 extra officers over the next 12 months. But this falls far short of Lancashire’s needs, says the Commissioner, who wrote to the Home Office last month demanding at least 340 extra officers as part of the government’s pledge to boost policing numbers.

Before the numbers were announced, Commissioner Grunshaw expressed his “massive concern” that the way in which the additional officer numbers may be allocated could leave Lancashire short-changed.

“The indication from government is that they are going to base the decision on the size of a force’s budget,” Mr. Grunshaw explained. “We feel that it would be far better if they allocated the new resources on the basis of where they have been taken from. So if they are saying there are 20,000 new officers available, we say we want 750”.

“Forces like Lancashire have been snubbed by the Government whilst more affluent areas such as Surrey, who have lost only 8 officers since 2010 due to their ability to raise almost double what we have through the council tax precept, have been gifted 70 officers in this first allocation, more than when austerity in policing began”.

Commissioner Grunshaw is expected to attend the Aughton Parish Council meeting on Monday evening. Perhaps Gilmore might also attend to explain how a deficit of 597 officers is such “fantastic” news for Lancashire, and how Surrey ends up with +62 than it had before austerity? Or perhaps he won’t?

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