I’m An Original Sinner, I Voted To Leave The EU

Things are getting serious, apparently!

John Redwood wrote that “Germany yesterday, we are told, asserted herself again as the leader of the EU. In a few harsh words Mrs Merkel effectively said to Mr Johnson he was wasting his time and the time and energy of the UK government in seeking changes to the Irish backstop. As far as she was concerned the EU needed the full backstop, customs union and single market alignment”. But we always knew this, didn’t we?

And Speaker John Bercow has accused Brexiteers of ‘blaming the referee because they’re losing the match’ in his parting shot as Speaker. In a wide-ranging interview with CNN the Speaker dismissed claims of bias from hardline Brexiteer MPs. “If you are losing the match, it’s quite bad form to blame the referee” he said.

He added that he did not believe he was “a remainer enabler. I would say that I’m an enabler of all colleagues across the House who want to express their different points of view”. Really? What a clown! Bercow is facing allegations of ‘plotting’ today after it emerged he met the EU Parliament chief to discuss their ‘shared’ desire to avoid No Deal. David Sassoli revealed he held talks with Bercow in London this morning, telling MEPs they were on the ‘same wavelength’.

Another village idiot, Jean-Claude Juncker , has warned that “No Deal Brexit” will ‘lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom’ as the EU heaped pressure on Boris Johnson to cave to its demands. The commission president dismissed suggestions that the bloc will be to blame for failure to get an agreement, jibing that Britain had committed the ‘original sin’ of trying to leave.

The combative comments came amid claims the EU is considering offering the UK an extension lasting just weeks, rather than the three months that had been mooted.

Some member states want to deprive Boris Johnson of the time to hold an election, arguing that if he secures a majority it will put him in a stronger position. Creating a No Deal ‘cliff edge’ could maximise the bloc’s leverage to force Mr Johnson into a humiliating climb-down. Negotiations appear to be on life support after Mr Johnson had a brutal clash with Angela Merkel in a telephone call yesterday.

In an interview in French newspaper Les Echos, Juncker said it would be the UK’s fault if Brexit turned sour [It has already hasn’t it, for three years!] ‘If that’s the case the explanation is actually in the British camp because the original sin is on the islands and not on the continent’ he said. ‘A no-deal Brexit would lead to a collapse of the United Kingdom and a weakening of growth on the continent”.

And Brussels is braced for Boris Johnson to storm out of next week’s EU summit on Brexit after the expected failure to secure agreement on a replacement for the Irish backstop. Speculation is rife that the prime minister will walk out of the European Council in Brussels as part of a British strategy to “fabricate a crisis”. EU diplomatic sources warned that the tactic would fail in forcing the bloc to shift its red lines. “You can hit your fists on the table but in the end only the fist will hurt” one EU diplomat said.

Best not to go there at all, to allow them their opportunity to humiliate the UK. Just leave! But first make them understand that “The UK’s economy is bigger than 18 EU member countries COMBINED. Even if all these 18 EU member states left simultaneously, the EU’s total economy would not shrink as much as it will after Brexit. In effect, Brexit is the economic equivalent of the EU28 becoming the EU10”.

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