Meet Chris Davies MEP

Chris Davies is a Lib Dem MEP for the North West of England, Chair of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee.

He stated on twitter yesterday “At weekend knocked on doors of elderly Daily Mail readers in Warrington. They think it is 1940. “We stand alone against the evil EU.” “We can survive No Deal hardships. We have done it before.” No concept at all that EU is a partnership and UK has shaped it. #StopBrexit”.

He’s a clever bugger. He knows which homes in Warrington house elderly Daily Mail readers. But he was outwitted, as he’s been told by Lancelot “I am in my 60’s and also have grown up in the EU after I voted to join. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. The EU is an appalling gravy train, a leech on our economy and people. I can’t wait to get out from it’s grasp. I detest the EU”.

And also by Jo H (Mrs Ordinary-five adult children) who believes in British Independence “The EU is a failing con – it’s causing Europe’s economies to contract, its desperately trying to continue its direction of turning Europe into a federal state and running it un-democratically from the very wealthy elite in Brussels. It needs dismantling”.

We leave the last word to Davies from Ali “I had a Lib Dem canvasser come to my door during the European elections. First time in my life. He was just as rude, condescending and deceitful as you. He actually stood at my door and told lies (I called him out), then laughed at me, out loud, as he walked away down my drive”.

And just remember the LibDem slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” used by that useless MP, old Daily Mail reader, Vince Cable. That’s the LibDem level of debate!

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