Abuse Of Language?

John Redwood

Writes “Remain propaganda is often used by the mainstream media to describe features of Brexit.

“We are told we need to avoid a No Deal Brexit. No-one is proposing one. If we leave on 31st October as promised without signing the Withdrawal Agreement it will be a multi deal Brexit. There will be a Customs Agreement, an Aviation Agreement, a Government Procurement Agreement, a Haulage Agreement and many others. Remain muddles the Withdrawal Agreement which does not offer anything by way of a future partnership with things that can help.

“We are told we will fall off a cliff edge. Why? Most nations trade successfully with the EU without being members. [NB The European Union (EU) has about 40 free trade deals, covering more than 70 countries]. Calais has assured us the vehicles will flow with their exports to us after we have left, just as we import easily today from many non EU countries.

“We are told we will be short of medicines and food. No main continental supplier wants to cancel their contract with us. Our border is currently a VAT, Excise and currency border. The calculations and payments are done electronically. So too can tariffs be handled, if we end up with some on food.

“They say they are defending Parliamentary sovereignty! They mean they are holding the government hostage to try to perpetuate the mighty EU powers to legislate over us, to tax us and to direct us in many ways. These are the MPs who gave away massive powers of self government over the years whilst telling us they had not done so.

“Their use of words like cataclysmic or a car crash is wild and untrue. They are trying to create negative feelings, and are out to depress investment optimism. They have no confidence in our country and scorn the people for our decision”.

NB “The UK had an overall trade deficit of -£64 billion with the EU in 2018. A surplus of £29 billion on trade in services was outweighed by a deficit of -£93 billion on trade in goods. The UK had a trade surplus of £44 billion with non-EU countries”. Source House of Commons Library]

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