The EU Demands £17billion From The UK

From Martin Daubney MEP for West Midlands

“For those doubting my earlier statement that the EU wants £17billion out of the UK in 2020 even after a no deal Brexit!

“Here is the briefing document from the budgetary committee that sets it out at €18.5 billion

“Crystal clear, daylight robbery”. And it states that “The United Kingdom shall not be allowed to participate in any committee…”that is assisting in the management etc…” of the operational programmes”! Well, who in the UK would want to be?

2 thoughts on “The EU Demands £17billion From The UK

  1. stodgey

    Seldom have I been so disheartened. So fed-up. So angry…..
    It’s bad enough watching 11 judicial patsies sticking remorselessly to the script – we then had the collective lunacy that is Soubry, Maugham, Miller, Lucas, Grieve and Blackwood gurning away in victory… And then the coup de grace, John Bercow, the turbo-gobbed Speaker flounced into view. He could hardly contain his glee as once again, The Vanity-Meister hogged centre stage.

    Time for them to rewrite the stuff on the side of the barn for the benefit of the little sheeple…

    And now this. ‘Gutless’ hardly covers it. I think more appropriate words are ‘collusion’ & ‘mendacity’. I am so utterly ashamed of what the his country has become. We have a political class who seem obsessed with giving away THEIR power and OUR money to an unelected elitist bureaucracy in Brussels.

    They’ve sold out our fishermen, they’ve sold out our manufacturing base, they’ve sold out our law-making powers…. and now seem hellbent on selling out 17.4 million people.

    After the initial euphoria of Brexit result day in June 2016, I predicted they would never let us leave. Let’s be honest, against the conniving hyenas we were up against, it was never going to happen. Limitless budgets, the darkest of dark money, multinational interests, nods, winks, traitorous ex Prime Ministers having cosy tête-à-têtes with Barnier advising him how to screw down our government over a glass of UK paid for Cognac…..

    If a thriller writer had authored a scenario for civil unrest and the complete breakdown of law and order then this is the script. Make no mistake, we are careering down the road of complete and utter breakdown. The fault for that remains with the gurning fools draping themselves around the entrance to the Supreme Court this morning.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      I can only agree with every word written. And now we read that “Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer says Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Cox needs to “consider his position” after his legal advice that the prorogation of parliament was legal was leaked to Sky News”. But a QC, David Wolfson writes “This is rather daft from @Keir_Starmer, who should know better. The Lord Chief Justice, Master of the Rolls and President of the Queen’s Bench Division all agreed with Cox. Do they have to “consider their position”, too? And I remember Sir Keir losing several cases as DPP…”. Our “establishment” is full of “gurning fools” be they politicians or those who report on them!


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