More “Older People Have Died” Now Bring On That Second Referendum!

Jon Snow

has sparked outrage on social media after he suggested that a second referendum could take place because many ‘older people’ who voted have died and young people newly on the electoral roll want to remain. David Ward likened it to “democracy EU style”.

The Channel 4 News host was interviewing Labour MPs Stephen Kinnock, who campaigned for Remain but now supports upholding the result of the referendum and leaving with a deal, and Alison McGovern who wants to hold another vote ‘to give people the final say,’ when he asked the question.

The 71-year-old presenter was swiftly reprimanded by Mrs McGovern, MP for Wirral South who said “It is a tasteless question, if you don’t mind me agreeing. What matters to people is what they know about Brexit now, not what they knew in 2017.”

The query from the veteran presenter prompted anger from Brexiteers on social media, with some branding the comment from Snow as ‘nasty’ and ‘horrible.’

Simon Wright said

‘I think that Jon Snow’s Brexit question referring to how many Leave voters have died since they voted & being replaced by young voters who vote to remain as one of the sickest questions I’ve ever heard. The 2 Labour MPs looked aghast at the question. Horrible TV.’

Snow, 71, then told the pair “There’s no way you’re respecting that referendum if you have another” and McGovern replied “I don’t see why more democracy is bad for democracy. The referendum was some time ago, what’s wrong with giving the public the final say?”

Did she ever say that about her own elections to Parliament?  Rosie Cooper the MP for West Lancashire has never offered her constituents a final say, and she’s been here for 14 years!

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