The Saga Of The Aughton SPIDS

Down at the Old Cock & Bull

An Aughton resident having asked LCC “Could you please give me an update of the time-scale for the instillation of the SPIDS. I was informed that the road markings of dragons teeth etc would have been done in March this year at an APC meeting but six months on still no sign of them being done. Awaiting a positive outcome on this matter”.

Was told “As far as I understand it the installation of the SpID signs is currently now with the parish council to progress as they are funding these signs. I believe they are in the process of obtaining a licence from the county council to install items on highway. This should be straight forward but it is separate from ourselves and a highway engineer having approved the locations. Hence the parish council will be able to update you on progress with these. With regard to the additional road markings these have been requested and we are waiting for conformation as to when the work will be programmed in. Sorry I cannot be more definitive than this but I hope it is helpful”.

But, a surprise appearance has been made by the lesser spotted “APC “Benefit for the Parishioners’ Bank” cheque book

11159 ACCOUNTS (circulated to members) Unipart Dorman – Prepayment Invoice for purchase & commission of Speed Awareness Signs. £16,334.40. It was RESOLVED that the foregoing account be paid.

Solar Powered Speed Awareness Signs Project (Bold Lane (1), Prescot Road (1), Long Lane (2)): i) to receive and approve the recommendations of the Working Group in full consultation with Lancashire County Council Highways – details were confirmed and APPROVED. ii) it was RESOLVED to approve a prepayment to Unipart Dorman to purchase and commission 4 Speed Awareness Signs in the sum of £13,612 (plus VAT) = £16,334.40. (Funded by: WLBC Capital Partnership Scheme (Bold Lane & Prescot Road) and CIL Funding (Long Lane).

Patience is a virtue! But as for the road markings…!

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