WLR received a comment from “theblueanchor” relating to our article published on November 26th 2018 “The EU has led us to a 20 year economic meltdown”. You can view a large array of “Yet MORE Graphs that Demolish Remain! (Updated) below, at

Its author is Sebastian J Handley who wrote

A paperback which is available at Amazon and which is described as “Brexit was Britain’s first full-scale information war. The seminal political event of the age, there were no petrol bombs, no occupations and no riots – it was a very British revolution. In years to come historians and politicians will struggle to explain how a disparate collection of disorganised, demoralised nobodies managed to triumph over the entire political establishment and change the course of European history. From the absurdity of the Thames flotilla debacle to the tragedy of Jo Cox, this is the story of what really happened”.

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