More Liberalism, Less Democracy?

The Liberal Democrats

don’t have a discrete West Lancashire party, it’s the Ribble South and West Lancashire party. “Your Local Party at 5 Rowan Close, Penwortham, PR1 0YH”.

But why let a little subterfuge interfere with a good story, like somebody called Simon Thomson being chosen as the party’s PPC on Tuesday, August 27th?

He told QLocal

“I am honoured to be selected by the West Lancashire Liberal Democrats to be their PPC. I’m delighted to be representing a party that offers a progressive, tolerant and outward looking vision for West Lancashire. All over the country the Liberal Democrats are building support and increasing our membership as a result of our clear message regarding remaining in the EU, and West Lancashire is no exception to this”.

Well, since 1992 the Liberal Democrats have trailed third, even fifth, badly, and not one candidate has returned for the next election. They just give up and go!

And he said “I want the Liberal Democrats to lead the campaign to remain in the EU in West Lancashire and be the natural home for remainers, as Brexit has the potential to do serious and unnecessary damage to West Lancashire. But, let’s be clear about it, Brexit is a distraction from the everyday issues affecting residents in West Lancashire’s towns and villages”.

We can only wonder if, or when, we hear of a Brexit Party

candidate for “Leave” West Lancashire, where traditional Labour/Tory supporters will place their votes. 

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