Childrens Hour

A Question Time audience member has won praise for an extraordinary rant at politicians over Brexit – accusing them of ‘arguing like little kids’

The man, named as Charlie Neil, asked on the flagship BBC show whether he could sue David Cameron for for causing ‘mental distress’ by sparking the debacle. And asked how he thought the former Prime Minister would be viewed in the future, the Scotsman replied “I don’t care, to tell you the truth”.

When host Fiona Bruce joked that he should “tell us what you really think”, Charlie obliged with an excoriating verdict on the state of British politics. “The whole thing’s a nightmare. I’m just sick and tired” he said. “You’ve had three years and three months and you’ve done nothing but argue among yourselves like little kids. You’ve got no respect for each other and you’ve got no respect for the British people. Just..oh..pfft.. go away”.

The intervention sparked rapturous applause on the show, red faces among the panel of politicians, and a wave of support on social media. One user responded “I think Charlie speaks for us all”. Another viewer said “Charlie is pretty much our spirit animal right now”.

The brutal assessment came after weeks of extraordinary wrangling at Westminster as MPs clashed over the agonising Brexit issue. There were outlandish protests in the Commons chamber after Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with some MPs draping themselves across the lap of the Speaker in a symbolic bid to stop the House being suspended.

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