EU Officials Regret Getting Into Bed With Remainers

Or, how the EU shows its unbelievably useless and arrogant interference in the sovereign rights of the UK electorate.   

“European Union officials and diplomats are “tearing their hair out” at the twists and turns of Labour’s “mad” Brexit policy and regret past tactical alliances with Remain campaigners. One Brussels source close to negotiations said the EU had “made mistakes” with Labour and was now horrified at the party’s convoluted position as political chaos in Westminster raises the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn taking the keys to Downing Street.

“They want us to negotiate a ‘credible’ deal and then they will campaign against it in a referendum? That is mad. How can we negotiate with people like that?” an EU source said. “Their divisions and magical thinking are as bad as anything the Conservatives produced, perhaps worse.”

“The source expressed regrets that links with Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, had helped shape Labour tactics that backfired by contributing to three defeats for Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. There is growing belief among officials that hardline Remain supporters, such as Starmer, have helped create a political crisis that has rebounded on the EU by unravelling the deal.

“Officials regret not cultivating other Labour MPs who support a withdrawal agreement to avoid alienating their party’s voters who backed Leave in northern and Welsh constituencies by campaigning to reverse Brexit. “It would have been better to talk to sensible MPs like Stephen Kinnock or Lisa Nandy who want an agreement” said the source.

“More widely, European governments now believe that it has been a mistake to back Remainers such as Blair and Mandelson, who have links in Brussels and Paris, in their efforts to use delays to the Brexit deadline to keep Britain inside the EU.

“Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, has been active in encouraging Remain campaigners to press for extensions to the Article 50 process culminating in the recent House of Commons legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit this week.

“President Macron held private meetings with Mr Blair this year to offer a two-year delay to Brexit, in order to give Remainers the chance to reverse the 2016 referendum. Remainers in the EU once saw merit in extension because it kept Britain in the EU. That is changing and it is changing fast in the capitals” a senior EU diplomat said. “It has not been helpful and has been a get out jail free card allowing the Westminster parliament to think they do not have to take responsibility for the withdrawal agreement”.

Remember this?

As one UK MEP wrote yesterday “Inside the rotten heart of the EU. Corrupt, undemocratic and hypocritical, I’ve seen Brussels at its worst. We have a Commissioner for “A Stronger Europe in the World” and a Commissioner for “An Economy that Works for People”. One particularly creepy rebrand involves Greece‘s Margaritis Schinas, a former MEP, LSE alumnus and spokesman for previous President Jean-Claude Juncker, who has been given the migration portfolio and now revels in the title of Vice President for “Protecting our European Way of life”.

And this “A gigantic poster of Ursula von der Leyen has just been erected in Brussels that reads “In fair free elections, the power of the people determines the people in power” and she said “a majority is a majority”. Fine words, but simply not true. Juncker’s successor did not get her elevated position as a result of people power, but was appointed to the top job after secret negotiations in July that followed a row when the candidates put forward by the European Parliament were turned down by EU heads of government”.

Does that power of the people apply to “In a fair free referendum the power of the 17.4 million determines the result and outcome of the referendum” or is it just more bullshit?

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