Sometimes Local Tory Councillors Walk Out, And Sometimes They Never Walk In

In what is seen as a shoddy total snub to the residents of Aughton

it is reported that not one of the five Aughton Park/Aughton & Downholland borough councillors attended the Aughton Parish Council meeting on Monday.

The agenda included “WLBC Cabinet Meeting to be held Tuesday, 10 September 2019 – to note Agenda Items on the Local Plan Review (‘the report is only seeking an initial steer from Cabinet on strategic development options for a new Local Plan’) & Liverpool City Region Spatial Planning Statement of Common Ground (details circulated to members)”. So, Wally Westley being a member of the “Local Plan Working Group” it was reasonably assumed he, of all these five elected members, would be at the APC. He wasn’t, and the other 4 weren’t, they were absent.

As for walking out, in July 2015 Halsall Against Fracking reported from the Full Council (public) meeting at West Lancashire Borough Council last night (22nd July 2015) “that, rather than vote upon an anti-fracking motion, all Tory Councillors left the chamber! Their unfortunate constituents will be interested that their elected representatives collectively hid behind the sham of “pre-determination”, AGAIN!”.

“It begs the question that, if they always refuse outright to represent their constituents on matters such as building housing on green belt and fracking quoting “pre-determination” (rubbish!), why do we bother to elect a Borough Councillor? Doreen Stephenson is our (Halsall) Borough Councillor, and we have confirmation that she attended the meeting and she walked out for this motion. Actually, she did not return for the final Agenda motion either!

“Our County Councillor, David O’Toole, has also used “pre-determination” as a reason why he cannot help our communities at County Level (or Borough level!) and we have that in writing!”

October 2017. People attending a West Lancs Council meeting on Wednesday night were left appalled when Conservative Councillors “staged an orchestrated walk out”.

Labour Councillor Gail Hodson has written a letter venting her disgust at their behaviour. She said “I was absolutely appalled when, at last night’s (18th October) West Lancashire Full Council meeting, all of the Conservative Councillors staged an orchestrated walk out of the Council chamber with total disregard to the procedures of the meeting. SIX motions were still to be debated on important issues”.

Cllr Hodson added “This was a damning indictment of the mindset of the Conservative group who clearly have no respect for their constituents or for the WASPI women campaigners who had taken time to come to West Lancs to hear their motion debated. They have taken party political dogma to a new low”.

It seems to have remained there!

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