Is This How YOU Feel?

Yesterday a comment was made in response to an article. It’s worth offering as a publication in its own right, you might identify with its contents?

“Nowadays, I find myself mostly shouting at the TV. It usually happens when some pompous prat comes on telling me how disastrous a No Deal Brexit is going to be, and how: I didn’t know what I was voting for. Nobody voted to be poorer. We’re going to Craaaaaaaash Out/Bounce Out / Fall Off a Cliff. We’re all going to Starve/Run Out of Bog Paper/Have to Eat Bog Paper.

“And yesterday, we had the coup de grace. If Carlsberg did short-arsed power-mad narcissists they’d end up with John Bercow. There he was, holding court as the adorationalists flocked around him, like he was the Pope and they were believers anxious to be blessed.

“Utterly sickening. His speech was like something out of a really bad am-dram production, with Bercow, centre stage, lapping it all up. Was it Gielgud doing Hamlet’s soliloquy at the Old Vic’, or a power-mad Napoleon nobody massively overstepping his job description?

“Bercow is very lucky he wasn’t a Speaker 600 years ago – because, just like many of his forebears, he’d have been sent to the Tower, and a very sticky end. And at the end, I half expected him to be presented with a bouquet of flowers from the arch remainers – the continuity lot who will not take NO for an answer – and can now smell obfuscation, duplicity and the stench of an engineered betrayal, so hoorah for them.

“And all those beaten remainers who, after the result of the referendum declared that they would honour the result. People like Dominic Grieve & Spreadsheet Phil who both said WTO was the correct way to go, and now think it would be the worst thing in the world to do. People like Jeremy Corbyn who, on the very day after the referendum declared that Article 50 should be triggered immediately- and then spent the next 3 years telling us he’d honour the result. And now will not. Liars, damned, damned liars every single one of them. They should all hang their rotten festering two faced heads in shame.

“In my humble opinion, this should be known as the Corrupt Parliament, and one thing is for sure, things have to change. The Lords has to go, completely. The Commons has to go, replaced by a 450 member English Parliament. A new U.K. Legislature of 100 members to be created for reserved matters. And if Scotland & anyone else wants to leave, I don’t actually care, we can do away with the UK house. The people we elect need to realise and understand this: that we, us, the people, the plebs, the thick people, the hoi polloi, the dullards, the proles, the council estaters, the people who don’t know what we are voting for….. are the Masters – and they are our servants. It’s called democracy – and it only works if everyone agrees they will ACCEPT & OBEY THE VERDICTS”.

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