The Whingeing British Chambers Of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce

claims it “Sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across the UK”. But it is whingeing about Brexit!

“Working together, we help firms of all sizes to achieve more. We believe it’s our relationships with others that lead us to achieve goals beyond those we could ever achieve alone. We’re the only organisation that helps British businesses to build relationships on every level. Across our network, we can connect your business locally, nationally and internationally, with other businesses, with decision-makers and with opportunities. We’re also a respected voice for business”.

But, they claim “New research from the British Chambers of Commerce shows a concerningly high number of UK firms aren’t ready for a no deal Brexit. Business has consistently called on government to avoid a messy and disorderly exit but in light of the political turmoil and relentless uncertainty, clearer and more consistent information is needed to help them prepare.

“The survey of over 1,500 firms from across the country, found that in the midst of conflicting political messages over the likelihood of no deal and remaining gaps in government guidance, two-fifths (41%) of UK businesses have not done a Brexit risk assessment. Those that trade internationally (63%) are far more likely to have carried out a risk assessment on the impact of Brexit to their business than their counterparts that trade in the UK only (35%)”.

Perhaps these firms are oblivious to the remarkable success of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs?

They are the voice of pro-Brexit businesses. Founded in 2018 to represent the business owners, wealth creators and disruptors who believe that Britain can thrive and prosper as a sovereign, independent nation after Brexit they are not-for-profit and are not affiliated to any political party. They exist solely to give pro-Brexit businesses across Britain, regardless of size, a mouthpiece.

“We believe in an outward looking, free trading Britain with an independent seat at the global negotiating table. ABE was born in 2018 following the unveiling of the Government’s Chequers proposal.

“We were founded by two individuals, Tom Bohills and Ed Harden, who felt there was no coherent business voice speaking up about the opportunities that Brexit presented.

“We are apolitical and we do not offer formal ‘membership’. Instead we are designed to be a banner under which positive, like minded business people can gather and have their voices amplified. If you believe in the bright future of the United Kingdom post Brexit, we want to hear from you. If you have ideas or suggestions for trade policy or tax reform once we are outside the EU, get in touch.

“There is a bright future for British companies in a fast moving, globalised marketplace. The key is ensuring the Government seize the opportunity.

“Our business supporters range from the very large to the very small, from across the political spectrum and from across the United Kingdom. Our campaigns have seen us receive the backing of individuals like Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon, Lord Flight, Lord Vinson and Lord Daresbury. However, most importantly of all it saw individual entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs – the backbone of our economy- put their names to our campaign. They cover almost every sector imaginable and show the groundswell of support for a confident, free trading United Kingdom.

Check out their

for amazing stories of incoming investment in the UK. HP (Hewlett Packard) opened a huge new HQ in Berkshire, Jefferson Group, Dolphin Drilling, Gymshark in Solihull, US Pharma company Eli Lilly new UK HQ in Basingstoke, German owned Oetkr created 120 Jobs in Leyland, the Frem Group huge new factory in Suffolk, and fantastic news for Essex as Vegtrug open a huge new HQ, ‘despite #Brexit’. Vegtrug is a brilliant example of a great British export business and its product is now established in 24 countries.

If you believe in the opportunities a Global Britain holds, want to see increased Government preparation for trading on WTO terms and want to have a seat at the table to discuss post Brexit trade policy, email them at

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