Brussels Fears British Pivot Towards President Trump Is Inevitable

From The Times

The EU sees a deepening British alliance with Donald Trump as inevitable after Brexit in a geopolitical shift that will have “a serious impact on the welfare of this and future generations”.

Europe’s diplomatic service is braced for Brexit to be a major event in terms of international relations as Britain, under Boris Johnson, pivots towards Washington and President Trump. Key concerns were set out in a policy speech by Charles Michel, 43, who will replace Tusk as president of the European Council, in a behind-closed-doors speech to the EU’s diplomatic service on Thursday evening.


at present prime minister of Belgium, will take up his new job on November 1. “Brexit is the most challenging issue we face right now” [He’s quick!] he told diplomats and ambassadors. “Brexit is having a serious impact on the welfare of this and future generations”. Michel’s words were crafted by the EU’s most senior foreign affairs officials and reflect growing fears that a no- deal Brexit and a geopolitical rift is the default setting in the months ahead.

“How do we maintain a close relationship to the United Kingdom, our ally and neighbour? How will we repair the potential damages caused by a hard Brexit?”, Mr Michel asked. “The UK is now looking more and more towards the United States. But the proximity and the ties between the EU and UK will not disappear”.

EU diplomatic services and European governments fear instability if Britain, a global military and economic power, realigns politically with America under “populist leaderships”.

UK Sovereign Decision

The EU has been rattled this week by a demand by David Frost, the prime minister’s chief negotiator, to scrap commitments made by Theresa May for Britain to continue participation in EU military missions after Brexit. Diplomatic sources said Mr Frost insisted that any new withdrawal agreement must state that Britain’s use of its military assets is a sovereign decision.


We joined the Common Market, but were schmoozed/fooled into joining the EU without a vote, thanks to John Major and Tony Blair. The EU presumed that Cameron would continue the con trick and gave him nothing to help level the playing field. NOW they are waking up to the fact that when the UK leaves we’re going to be free to make any arrangements we want in terms of foreign and trade policy!! What small brains these unelected bureaucrats have with their policy of punishing Britain for having the temerity to leave the cosy cabal that is tearing the heart out of Europe and will also tear it apart with the apparently unstoppable invasion of worldwide economic immigrants!!

The problem is that they really only pay lip service to the word “democracy” and think that they know better than the “great unwashed” when it matters. Britain will find a way through this present unholy mess and when it does it will light up a beacon for the rest of Europe to aspire to, to become independent and sovereign countries again, free from the domination and hegemony of Berlin, Brussels and Paris.

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