All Is Fair In Love And Politics? Not!

The Shadow Leader of the Lords

yesterday proposed a Business Motion to change the conventions of the House of Lords preventing the bill being talked out and forcing it to be taken on Thursday and Friday. The motion includes the imposition of mechanisms such as time limits, alien to House of Lords convention. Pro-Government peers, however, have tabled 86 [now over 100] amendments to the Business Motion, each of which requires two votes to be heard and dismissed…filibuster and wrecking amendments.

Now the first is that there ain’t no rules
Some you win and some you lose
Just when you think that love is true
Somebody makes a fool out of you
Like it or not one thing for sure
All is fair in love and war politics.

The pro-Government plan will see the very motion intended to ease the passage of the Benn Bill become the roadblock to it being passed. Senior Lords sources inform Guido Fawkes that the time it will take the upper chamber to hear and vote on each amendment, as its rules compel it to do, would take up continuous 24/7 sitting until Saturday.

You and me, we make love all night
Then we end up in a knock down, drag out fight
We kick and cuss and scream and shout
Until we forget what we’re fightin’ about
Kiss, makeup and make love some more
‘Cause all is fair in love and war. politics

Only after then could the Remainers’ anti-No Deal Bill be put. The Tories are determined to not see the Prime Minister’s hands bound in these negotiations. They have a real chance of talking the bill out in the Lords before the earliest opportunity to prorogue Parliament presents itself on Monday morning…

Well, anything goes when it come to love
Someone’s going down when push comes to shove
It’s a fight to the finish with no holds barred
If someone winds up with a broken heart
That’s tough, that’s real tough.

It might be called comeuppance?

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